3 Simple Facts About Smoke Damage

A house fire is terrifying. After evacuating the home and calling the fire department, you and your loved ones are forced to wait outside as the rescue team fights to extinguish the flames and save your home from burning down. Once the firefighters are able to put out the fire and have determined that it’s [...]

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How a House Fire Goes From Zero to Sixty in Seconds

Fire has the power to give us light and warmth, but it also has the power to destroy. Even one, tiny, seemingly harmless flame can quickly spread and grow out of control. Understanding just how quickly a fire can move could mean the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones. In [...]

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Post-Fire Cleanup Duties

It’s often difficult to discuss the subject of a house fire in any capacity. Even if you can be thankful that there were no injuries, the idea of sifting through the resulting mess is something that most homeowners never want to think about. Unfortunately, even a small fire can cause a great deal of damage, [...]

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