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Kitchen Safety: How To Put Out A Grease Fire

How to Safely Put out a Grease Fire Normally cooking doesn't present a lot of serious hazards. You might nick your finger while chopping or leave that pan of cookies in the oven too long, leaving you with a smoky kitchen- but in terms of serious danger to ourselves or the [...]

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Pressure Washing & Blasting

Pressure Washing & Blasting Power washing is perhaps the restoration industry's most commonly used tool. Capable of removing just about anything from any surface, pressure washing is used to quickly restore many types of mediums to their original (or better) condition. Abbotts Fire & Flood employs the hottest water and highest pressure available to [...]

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Thermal Imaging

You don’t have to tear down a wall to see what’s happening behind it! Thermal Imaging is a unique and powerful tool that is very useful in flood and fire restoration efforts. Thermal imaging cameras reveal a variety of small temperature differences over large or small areas. Simply put, with thermal imaging [...]

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1,000 Year Flooding Events and Large-Loss Restoration Projects

When a large flooding event occurs in your area, the clean-up effort can be daunting and emotional. Unfortunately, everyone in the affected area will likely need some kind of restoration work done on their homes or businesses, making it hard for restoration companies to reach everyone who needs their help. And often, most of the [...]

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Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a common procedure that many restoration companies offer as a part of their services to both residential and commercial clients. It is also a procedure that needs to be done properly to ensure that pipes are not damaged or backed up further than they already are. Common causes of a [...]

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Art Restoration

Abbotts: Colorado's Art Restoration Specialists Damaged artwork is yet another item that restoration companies deal with when your property incurs water, fire, mold, sewer or other damage. Reputable disaster restoration companies should work alongside insurance providers and claims adjusters while providing the services to accurately evaluate damage, then conserve and restore your works [...]

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Thermal Fogging & The Art Of Odor Control

Thermal fogging technology is yet another tool that can be used to restore your home or business after a fire, or to remediate odors from indoor tobacco use, pets, mold, fireplaces, meth lab cleanup and more. Thermal fogging is a unique process that is able to remove lingering odors, while also reducing the [...]

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How Do I Know If I Have Mold In My Crawlspace

Mold can be a precarious threat to your home or business and its inhabitants. Known health risks associated with exposure to common strains of mold spores are: respiratory irritation and infections, skin or eye reactions, and neurological issues such as migraines, listlessness, and memory or attention problems. Of course, people with pre-existing conditions [...]

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Water Damage Tip #8 – Ventilate

Get Started on This Step Right Away This tip is crucial to minimizing your water damage and helping to recover quickly. Ventilation enables water to evaporate faster, which helps reduce the damage and prevent other issues, like mold infestation. We'll bring specialized equipment, including high-speed, high-capacity fans. But you can get started on this crucial [...]

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Abbotts Lends Helping Hands to Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities support children and families who must travel for medical care, providing lodging and other services to help make "away from home" a little closer to home. We Know What's Important We never forget that our business is about people. We are about helping people. That's why we got [...]

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