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Commercial Flood Burst Pipes

Commercial Flood Burst Pipes This 10,000 square foot building sustained water damage from burst pipes when temperatures dropped. Tenants had just moved out and the building was up for sale. The damage impacted the office areas as well as warehouse. Abbotts provided Insurance Claim Management services, coordinating directly with the insurance company in [...]

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Sewage backup in basement in Highlands Ranch, CO

Sewage backup tops the list 'Homeowner Horrors'.  The smell is just the beginning - a disgusting reminder of the bacteria, viruses, parasites and hazardous waste that has invaded your home. Even in small amounts, sewage can pose health hazards. If not quickly cleaned and sanitized, these hazards can spread to other areas of [...]

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Pasquini’s Pizzeria Fire

Pasquini's Pizzeria Fire The morning of Friday, December 6, 2016, a  fire broke out at Pasquini's Pizzeria, the popular eatery and local landmark on South Broadway that has been serving fresh American Italian food for more than 25 years.  The fire broke out about 7 a.m. and flames could be seen shooting out of [...]

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Moisture Meter Inspection

Moisture Meter Inspection Looking at the bathroom area where a backup occurred, the walls appear to be dry. The moisture meter inspection tells a different story.  Allowing moisture to remain in walls can result in rot and/or mold damage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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Lack of gutters results in mold damage

Lack of gutters results in mold damage The lack of gutters above two bedroom windows on the second floor resulted in mold seeping in from the outside. Air test confirms that mold is present even though it cannot be seen inside the home.

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Clogged gutters results in mold

Clogged gutters results in mold A free inspection and estimate for a homeowner that discovered mold when retrieving holiday decorations from the basement.  The mold resulted from a drainage issue on the outside of the home. They initially tried to clean the mold with bleach but soon realized that did not work and called for [...]

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Winterization Checklist: Avoid Costly Water Damage

Winterization Checklist: Avoid Costly Water Damage The Denver Metro Area continues to enjoy above average temperatures for October and November. These unseasonably warm temperatures can lead some homeowners to procrastinate their fall winterization. Unfortunately, La Nina is expected to visit colder temperatures upon the Denver area – much colder than last year – throughout December [...]

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The Facts About Asbestos

The Facts About Asbestos Asbestos fiber is made from naturally occurring silicate crystals. Its fire resistance and good insulating properties made it a popular building material until late in the 20th century when research pointed to it causing serious health problems. Studies showed that exposure to asbestos significantly increased risks of many cancers, including mesothelioma. [...]

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