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Crawlspace Remediation in Castle Pines

This 5000 sq ft crawlspace had 4 to 5 inches of water due to a sprinkler line break. Our team extracted the water, dried the space out using air movers and dehumidication units. They then applied antimicrobials and installed a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from damaging the building.

Antimicrobials are an important step to any water damage or mold remediation. Water may carry contaminants and encourages the growth of mold. After a flood, the risk of mold increases. Molds produce tiny invisible spores that can impact health.

In and of itself, the application of an antimicrobial is not mold remediation. This is why just using bleach won’t fix your mold problem. First you must remove the source issue and remove all contaminated materials. Antimicrobials are effective only against the surfaces that it touches.

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