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State-of-the-Art Equipment + Abbotts Expertise = Less Damage and Cost

Add summer heat to standing water, and you get humidity. Humidity is just a term for water vapor suspended in the air. When the humidity, or water content in the air reaches very high levels, it moves water from where it’s standing to all other parts of the structure, carrying with it the risk of mold infestation and structural damage.

Faster Drying Saves Money

The key to safeguarding your property from additional, more costly damage following a water damage event is to get it dry as fast as possible. Extraction of standing water and removal of water-soaked material are only the first steps to getting the structure completely dried, preventing fungal infestation and preparing for reconstruction.

Critical Drying Step: Dehumidification

After the standing water is extracted, it’s critical to remove the excess water from the actual air in the structure to aid in the overall drying process and prevent other costly issues. Abbotts uses state-of-the-art dehumidification equipment and techniques to suck the water right out of the air.

How Dehumidification Works

To pull moisture from the air on a water damage restoration project, Abbotts uses a multi-faceted process to, at once, move humid air out of the structure and remove moisture from the air that remains.

Here’s how it works:

  1. High-capacity fans collect air and channel it into dehumidification units.
  2. As the high-humidity air passes through the dehumidification units, it comes into contact with the unit’s cooled coils.
  3. The coils’ below-dew-point temperature condenses moisture from the air, which collects and is channeled into a reservoir.
  4. The dehumidifier then reheats the air and returns it to the environment.

Protect Your Property: Call Abbotts

Abbotts water damage restoration specialists are skilled and experienced at every critical step needed to get your home, business and life back to normal in the wake of unfortunate flooding events. Call Abbotts today, and get back to normal fast.