Pueblo West DryOut

A dishwasher failed in this Pueblo West home resulting in flooding on the main level and into the lower level basement. Our crews extracted the water then set up drying equipment in an effort to salvage hardwood floors and carpet. Some carpet was already destroyed along with drywall and ceilings. Crews tested for asbestos - [...]

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Mold Inspection in Basement Bedrooms

Mold inspection of basement bedrooms. Several months previous heavy rains filled the window well with water. The moisture created ideal circumstances for black mold growth on the carpet backing and tack strip (like dessert for mold spores due to cellulose content!)

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Freeze Break Water Damage

This homeowner experienced flooding throughout their three-level home due to a freeze-break in the pipes between their shower and an exterior wall. Damage was extensive throughout including standing water on hardwood floors, soggy carpeting, crumbling drywall and dripping smoke alarms. The water damage infiltrated the garage and damaged the furnace as well. The first step [...]

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