Recent Hurricanes Remind Us of the Importance of Flood Insurance

The Recent Hurricanes Remind Us how Importance of Flood Insurance Got flood insurance? If you’re like most Colorado homeowners, chances are that you probably don’t. In fact, the majority of American homeowners have never purchased a flood insurance policy and that puts them at serious risk in the event of a natural disaster. Recent Hurricanes [...]

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Keeping Your Family Safe During a Tornado

Keeping Your Family Safe During a Tornado Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start talking about tornado safety. Whenever the temperatures shift from cold to warm (or vice versa), the chances of a storm front that could produce a funnel cloud or a full-blown tornado increase drastically. And when you consider the [...]

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Melting Snow and Ice Means Water … and Odor

Melting Snow and Ice Means Water… and Odor Most Coloradans know well enough the dangers of the rugged state’s seasonal changes. Winter brings snow and ice and the potential for frozen, broken pipes. Spring brings the thaw, which can turn to flooding when seasonal rains get heavy and join forces with the melting runoff. But [...]

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REPORT: Flooded Homes Now Face Mold Concern (NEWS VIDEO)

It seems like Abbotts is becoming almost a nightly fixture in Denver news. Listen to our President, Travis explain the mold risks Coloradans are facing following all the recent rain.

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Flooding Risks: We’re Not Out of the Woods, Yet

Denver and the Front Range face flooding risks ahead, as monsoon season winds down. The national media is awash with images and tragic stories about dangerous flooding in other states. 11 dead, 30 missing after record floods swamp Texas and Oklahoma As we turn our thoughts toward the people facing dangerous flooding, [...]

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In Photos: Anatomy of a Fire Damage Restoration Project

Abbotts is ready to jump into action to quickly safeguard and restore your property when disaster strikes. A recent Denver house fire left a family’s home with catastrophic damage. While fast-responding Denver firefighters saved the home, the fire still did significant damage to the structure, as well as smoke damage throughout the house. Fortunately, Abbotts [...]

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Report: State to Tighten Flood Protection Regs for Oil, Gas Storage

State regulators are preparing to impose new rules to keep oil and gas wells more secure after spills blamed on the catastrophic Colorado flood of 2013, the Denver Post reported. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission released proposed rules Thursday, including a requirement that all new wells within a 100-year flood plain be equipped [...]

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The Costs of Disaster Cleanup and Restoration

Straight answers to questions about what we know best Abbotts is a family-owned business. Collectively, we have more than 65 years of experience in helping people recover their homes and businesses in the aftermath of calamity. We take very seriously our obligation to contribute value to our community and figure one good way to do [...]

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Flooding in Greeley Continues Due to Spring Runoff

Spring flooding has gone from being a concern to a reality in the Greeley area. Due to spring runoff, the Poudre River continues to spill over its banks. The water level is now over a foot above flood stage, and at over 9 feet,  is above the previous 2010 crest record. Residents were forced to evacuate [...]

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Is Your Property Ready for Monsoon Season?

In Denver this week we're looking at at least the next 5 days filled with severe thunderstorms and showers. This could just be the beginning. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts a 65 percent chance that El Niño weather conditions will develop this season. Climatologists expect higher than normal monsoon season rainfall as the summer unfolds. [...]

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