You don’t have to tear down a wall to see what’s happening behind it!

Thermal Imaging is a unique and powerful tool that is very useful in flood and fire restoration efforts. Thermal imaging cameras reveal a variety of small temperature differences over large or small areas. Simply put, with thermal imaging equipment, Abbotts Fire & Flood can easily determine the source of any problem areas before the repairs begin, saving time, money, and the integrity of the original structures.

Thermal Imaging allows Abbotts Fire & Flood to:

  • Locate any trapped water and lingering moisture inside walls and ceilings. Taking care of this issue will prevent mold & mildew from growing.
  • Find broken or leaking water lines behind your walls. This will ease any larger demolition and repair bills.
  • Find ‘cold spots’ inside walls which is linked to damp insulation.

Our expert team is trained to use thermal imaging cameras on a variety of restoration projects to diagnose the true condition of the structure. Using this technology, Abbotts Fire & Flood can quickly and easily identify areas of possible water damage.

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