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Tips for Commercial Fire Prevention

fire extinguisherAs a business owner, you are probably aware of the many threats to your livelihood. Some of these are preventable and others are not. While not every workplace fire can be totally avoided, there are some steps you and your staff can take to reduce the risk of a workplace fire breaking out. Below are some of the tips that Abbotts Fire & Flood recommends you implement to help keep your employees and co-workers safe by preventing fire damage. We also offer some tips to help reduce fire damage and property loss in an office environment.

  • Electrical fires contribute to a sizeable percentage of the reported fire outbreaks each year and in terms of damage and loss, are often the most costly. However, electrical fires are easily one of the most preventable types. First, never overload an electrical outlet or power strip. Sockets are made to handle a certain amount of electricity, and the more devices you plug into them, the higher the risk of a fire due to overload. In addition, large appliances such as photocopiers and refrigerators should never share an outlet, as they require far more electricity.
  • Another seemingly obvious way to reduce the fire risk is to keep flammable materials and chemicals away from electrical outlets or power strips and areas that experience higher-than-normal heat, such as break room ovens, heaters, and appliances. A cluttered space will pose numerous fire hazards, so if you notice that your space is full of stuff - clean it up. If a fire does break out, the clutter will help the fire rapidly spread.
  • Clutter and mess can also block access to emergency exits, making it difficult to evacuate the workspace and for emergency responders to enter and perform their jobs. Always keep entry and exit points totally clear. If an electrical fire occurs, you will want to shut off power immediately, so keep all electrical panels clear as well. Other important areas to keep clear are those where fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers are located.

No amount of preparation and proactivity can prevent 100 percent of office fires all of the time. Because of this, the Abbotts Fire & Flood Restoration team strongly urges you to develop a fire preparedness strategy and rehearse it often with your team. In addition, make sure everyone in the workplace knows where the fire extinguishers are and how to use one.

As Colorado’s preeminent experts in fire, flood, and restoration, Abbotts Fire & Flood Restoration will be happy to help remediate any property damage your company experiences, as well as offering advice and inspections for your commercial space to prevent fires – and other business catastrophes – from occurring.

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