Sewage contaminated water is highly dangerous. Cleaning sewage overflow and spills are a nightmare for property owners. We get dirty so you don’t have to!

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Sewage backup and overflows can cause severe health threats, especially when they are indoors. Contaminated water is infested with millions of germs, bacteria and bloodborne pathogens which are all extremely unhealthy. Water moves therefore has the ability to dissolve materials and promote the growth of many microorganisms and mold. Improper sewage cleanup process can have long-term, serious consequences.

Be sure to contain the sewage so that you do not contaminate other areas of your property.

  • If the sewage cleanup area is small, you might consider cleaning it yourself.
  • If the contamination exceeds one room, a professional sewage cleanup & restoration company can save you time, effort and money.

Experienced sewage cleanup services companies will provide you with the most appropriate, safest, and cost-effective solution. They can even help you determine if your insurance will cover the sewage repair costs.

Sewage contaminated water is highly dangerous. Contaminants can be spread through the air and the water. We focus on containing the hazard so that it doesn’t spread. Then we make sure the structure and contents are thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized.

We work with ALL insurance providers.

How should I select a Sewage Removal Company?

Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses. Sewage cleanup is a job that must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. It may not seem to be as destructive as a fire or storm, but raw sewage presents health hazards and sanitation issues. If not managed properly, sewage repair costs can escalate and can result in increased property damage as well as serious personal injury.

Hire a Professional Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Company

Most sewage cleanup service jobs require special protective equipment as well water extraction, drying and dehumidification equipment and professional grade decontamination solutions. Qualified sewage cleanup companies will conduct sewage removal as well as damage repair, decontamination, sanitation and odor removal. In short, they can completely clean, sanitize, and restore your home. Professional sewage cleanup services will also help coordinate your insurance claim.

If not managed properly, sewage repair costs can escalate and can result in increased property damage as well as serious personal injury.

A Matter of Trust


A sewage cleanup company that offers a wide range of damage restoration services is going to be preferable compared to a company that offers fewer services. This is the easiest way to determine general expertise.

Online Reviews

Look for a Denver sewage cleanup company with a strong reputation. Read online reviews and check with the Denver Better Business Bureau to find someone you can trust. Licensed, certified and insured sewage cleanup professionals use industry-specific estimating software, too.

Common Causes of sewage cleanup

What is the Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Process?

The sewage cleanup & restoration process can be complicated. Sewage contaminated water can cause severe health threats. Improper sewage cleanup process can have long-term, serious consequences.

How does the sewage damage restoration process work?

  • Detailed inspection of the sewage spill
  • High-tech infrared cameras and moisture meters determine extent of water damage
  • Containment of sewage contamination
  • Structure & contents thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated
  • Water extraction, drying systems and dehumidification units are put into place.
  • Additional water damage cleanup including decontamination, anti-microbials and sanitizers.

After the sewage cleanup is complete, detailed estimates are then prepared for any reconstruction and/or restoration.

    Answering Your Sewage Damage Restoration Questions

    A sewage leak has contaminated my property. What should I do?
    Vacate sewage-contaminated areas right away! Areas with sewage spills should not be occupied by people who are not wearing personal protective equipment as they are dangerous. Turn off electrical power in the area if there is any chance of electrical wires, extension cords or appliances coming into contact with standing water or wet materials. Protect uncontaminated contents from contamination.
    What does it mean to mitigate the damage?

    The term mitigate or mitigation is a common term in the property damage restoration industry. It is defined as “to make less severe or painful”. Most insurance companies require you to mitigate the damage. For example, water extraction and drying systems are often considered mitigation techniques for water damage. Boardup & securing are mitigation techniques to prevent theft after fire damage.

    What if my loss is not covered by insurance?

    We do take major credit cards and can work with you on the services. We also offer several financing options. Also, ask us about our Relief Discount for uninsured damage.

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