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Meth Labs Leave Behind Toxic Ghosts That Can Haunt Your Family or Businessmeth lab

“I have a family and rarely even have a glass of wine. What does methamphetamine have to do with me?” you ask.

Any home could be haunted with toxic meth lab contamination.

The Devil You Don’t Know …

Unfortunately, when you move into a new home or commercial property, you could be exposed to toxic residues and fumes left over from previous clandestine meth lab operations in the past. You and your family could even ingest the deadly drug, itself.

In 2007, Colorado lifted meth lab disclosure requirements for sellers of real estate and vehicles, a scary thought because that means your home or business could be contaminated with deadly toxins used in the production of meth and even meth residue.

What Are the Risks?

Meth manufacturers use highly toxic chemicals in production of the illegal drug. Many people know that pseudoephedrine, a powerful stimulant, is used in meth production. However, many people don’t know that up to 32 other chemicals are used to cook the dangerous drug.

Acetone (nail polish remover), phosphine (insecticide), drain cleaners, brake fluids, engine degreasers, gas additives and even gun cleaners are among the dangerous substances that contain meth precursors.

Many of these chemicals pose very serious risks with even minute exposure over a short time. Some of them can cause death in frightfully small quantities. And they all can result in chronic toxicity—a condition that can lead to numerous respiratory and nervous system disorders— in adults and, especially, children.

In addition, a 2009 Toxicological Sciences study found a correlation between many of the chemicals used in meth production and cancer.

A Toxic Sneeze

“That sounds bad,” you say, “but they have to clean up labs, so how bad could the contamination be?”

Bad. Very bad.

Bear in mind that meth labs are not professional facilities with procedures to safeguard occupants from dangerous chemicals. So when criminals mix up their deadly product, they spew deadly chemicals and the drug itself literally over every surface in the structure. The result is that you, your family, employees or customers could essentially be the recipients of a toxic sneeze that can cause serious health problems. There are even instances in which people living in homes that previously housed meth labs testing positive for meth, as if they used the drug. Imagine how you would feel if doctors discovered methamphetamine in yours or, worse, your child’s blood.

If you suspect for any reason that your property has been used for meth production, don’t hesitate to have it tested for meth and its toxic contamination.

Peace of Mind

Abbotts knows and complies with all state and local laws and regulations related to methamphetamine laboratory cleanup and mitigation. Our knowledge of the strict rules designed to protect people and property from toxic meth lab contamination enables housing authorities and property owners to recover cleanup costs through grants from programs like the EPA’s Brownfields or “MethFields” initiative (links below).

Abbotts professionals are trained, certified and experienced at safely and thoroughly removing the dangerous by-products and safety hazards left by methamphetamine production. We’ve helped housing authorities and landlords across the Denver area safely and legally clean up meth labs, restore properties and protect the health and safety of residents. We can help you. Call us anytime, day or night.

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