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What is Black Mold?

Black mold refers to several species of mold that are dark green or black in appearance. The most common species of black mold is Stachybotrys chartarum. Often referred to as "toxic", many black molds release mycotoxins. Effects of mycotoxins include respiratory symptoms, circulatory symptoms, skin problems, reproductive system problems, vision / eye problems, immune system disorders, even death depending on the amount of mold and amount of exposure. According to the CDC, it is not necessary to conduct mold tests to determine the type of mold. All molds should be treated the same with respect to potential health risks and removal.

Black mold is not only a health hazard. Moldy conditions have also been known to cause rot and structural damage. Thriving in warm, moist environments, black mold is often discovered in bathrooms (bath, shower, toilet) kitchens, attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Mold can also impact the value of your home.

Act swiftly to clean up black mold to protect home and health. Call Abbotts for a free Colorado mold inspection today.

Choosing a Denver Black Mold Removal Company

Black mold removal costs can vary widely. The amount of mold will determine the black mold removal costs. While a small amount of localized mold might be okay for a DIY cleaning approach, be sure to wear personal protective equipment. Unfortunately lingering moisture problems and ineffective cleaners typically means black mold growth is not completely eradicated and will soon return. Often you are better off having professional black mold removal services conduct a thorough inspection.

Find a Professional Black Mold Removal Company

Professional black mold removal services will also include water damage assessment using tools like moisture meter, infrared camera, and/or thermal imaging. In some cases, underlying water damage restoration costs may be covered by insurance. A professional black mold removal company will also help you navigate the insurance claim process.

Given the safety hazards of black mold removal, property owners will want to hire a professional and reputable mold remediation contractor.

Wide Range of Services

There are a few things to look for in a Denver black mold removal company you can trust. A wide range of services will ensure nothing is missed. Comprehensive mold remediation, water damage cleanup and property restoration services ensure that they have the equipment, training, and personnel to completely eradicate your black mold problem.



A solid online reputation will also confirm that you are working with a quality Denver black mold removal company. (Don't forget to check with the Denver Better Business Bureau, too!)

Black Mold Cleanup and Removal Process

The source of the moisture fueling the black mold growth is always a primary focus. If the moisture problem is not resolved, mold will almost certainly return. A black mold remediation plan is developed to ensure complete eradication of the black mold growth and prevent it from returning.


How does the black mold remediation process work?

  • Detailed mold inspection and water damage assessment
  • High-tech infrared cameras, thermal imaging and moisture meters determine scope damage
  • Containment systems deployed to prevent spread of contaminants
  • Water extraction, drying systems and dehumidification units are put into place
  • Demolition of irreparable structure
  • Application of professional grade chemicals to decontaminate and sanitize the structure and contents
  • Structural repairs, reconstruction and restoration

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