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Know These 3 Important Facts About Smoke Damage

smoke damage

A house fire is terrifying. After evacuating the home and calling the fire department, you and your loved ones are forced to wait outside as the rescue team fights to extinguish the flames and save your home from burning down. Once the firefighters are able to put out the fire and have determined that it’s structurally sound enough for you to go back inside, you breathe a sigh of relief, believing that your home is safe again. Unfortunately, this probably is not the case. In fact, smoke damage can be a serious hazard to your health and can create problems for your home – both now and down the road. In order to demonstrate this point, we’ve put together a list of three important facts about smoke damage, and what you should do to secure your home after a fire.

Smoke Damage Can Make You Sick

respiratory problemsHouse fires lead to thick, heavy smoke and soot because there is so much upholstered furniture, carpeting, curtains, clothing, and other household items that act as fuel. This soot and smoke can linger inside of the home for a very long time after the fire has been extinguished and can lead to serious health problems. Not only is soot very toxic, but it is also quite tiny in size at just 2.5 microns (compare that to a dust particle which is 40 microns in size!). Because they are so small, these particles can easily penetrate an inhabitant’s lungs, skin, and even eyes. The most minor problems may include watery eyes or a runny nose, while others may develop a persistent cough, upper respiratory problems, complications related to heart conditions, and a compromised immune system. If you want to make sure that you and your loved ones are able to safely return to living inside of your home, you absolutely must seek out the assistance of a professional fire restoration service. Companies like these have the ability to come into your house and evaluate the level of damage done by smoke and other combustion by-products. From here, they can safely and effectively remove smoke particles from the home so that the air is clean and safe once more.


Smoke Damage Causes Discoloration

Smoke damage to tile floor of a bathroom

If you want your home to look great even after a fire, you can’t afford to sit around and ignore the effects of smoke damage. After just a few days, ash and soot will lead to the permanent discoloration of walls and ceilings, including wood and vinyl. In addition to this, the ash can also cause any metal within your home to start corroding, both leading to discoloration and decreased structural integrity. In order to prevent this from happening to your home, it’s important that you hire a fire restoration company as soon as possible. The earlier the service is able to start working on your home, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to prevent permanent damage.


Smoke Damage Stinks – Literally!

If you’ve ever been to a bonfire, you know how pungent the smell of smoke can be. Even after washing your hair, you may still be able to detect the odor of the bonfire for days after the fact. Imagine how strong the smell of a house fire can be – and how long-lasting! Because of the intensity of these types of fires, the smell of smoke can linger inside of a home for years if it isn’t addressed right away. This is not only unpleasant for you and your family, but it can also decrease the overall value of your home, making it much more difficult for you to sell in the future. Once again, it’s absolutely vital that you seek professional help in cleaning and removing smoke damage from your home immediately after a fire occurs.

Don’t let smoke damage ruin your home or your life. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a house fire, Abbotts Fire & Flood can help. Give us a call today.


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