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Art Restoration


  • Damaged artwork is yet another item that restoration companies deal with when your property incurs water, fire, mold, sewer or other damage. Reputable disaster restoration companies should work alongside insurance providers and claims adjusters while providing the services to accurately evaluate damage, then conserve and restore your works of art. Improper handling of damaged artwork can lead to further and sometimes irreparable damage and increased remediation costs. The process typically begins with an expert assessment of any damaged pieces to assure that only the necessary recovery services are being provided. Once a level of damage has been determined, the actual restoration services should be performed to return the artwork(s) to pre-loss condition.
  • Water can enter your home fairly easily. If you have a structural leak or a buildup of ice, water and condensation can potentially run down the walls of your home. Occasionally, water on an interior wall is very obvious, but other times you may never suspect unwanted water inside your home. Water can actually be inside of the walls themselves, and the damage is subtle enough that you may not notice any spots or staining, but the walls are in fact, still damp. During storms or periods of heavy rain, take a moment to inspect your interior walls (and even the backing of any hanging artwork) to make sure that they are dry. A good rule of thumb is to never store any kind of artwork in a basement, as they tend to be moist and humid even in lieu of a flood situation. An abundance of moisture or humidity can cause all manner of issues with your artwork including the development of mold.
  • Art restoration services can include a wide range of art mediums such as: canvas works, books and paper, fabric and textiles, photography, and objects or sculptures. If an age-old heirloom needs rescuing, or your prized assortment of soaked oil paintings requires immediate attention, it is important to contact a restoration provider that can ensure your treasured artwork is treated with the utmost respect and care.

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