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After Disaster Board Up Services

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Whether your home has been damaged by a fire or natural disaster, it is your responsibility to make sure it is secure. It is an easy step to overlook, as you focus on keeping your family safe and recouping your losses, but it is an essential one.

An emergency board up service can get your home secure right away, and protect you from a variety of potential dangers.

Why is it Necessary?


First and foremost, your insurance company expects you to be proactive in securing your home and preventing any further losses after a disaster occurs, so it is imperative that you get your home boarded up to avoid liability down the line. They may even cover the service in full, so coordinate with your emergency board up provider to bill your insurance company, or hold onto your receipts so that you may do so.

Prevent Trespassing, Vandalizing, and Looting

An empty home is an easy target for all of these crimes. In addition to notifying your local authorities that the house has been damaged and is vacant, protecting your property through boarding up potential points of entry is important in securing your home and possessions.

Defend Against the Elements

The last thing you need at this point is a flood or other weather-related damage on top of the what you’ve already sustained. By boarding up windows and doors and securing your roof, you can ensure that wind and water don’t make your existing damage even worse.


What is Included?

board up

A board up service will make sure that all potential entrances to your home are secure from trespassers and the elements. All doors and windows will be boarded up, using a combination of plywood and 2x4s, and secured with nails and bolts.

Additionally, the provider will assess any other potential points of entry and secure those, as well. If your roof was damaged, a tarp will be placed over the roof to protect your home from damage due to weather.


What Does it Cost?

You can expect a board up service to cost around $70 per man hour plus materials during business hours. The total will vary based on the extent of the damage. An emergency board up service in the middle of the night will cost more than a board up service planned with a bit of notice, so costs may vary. Insurance will often cover this cost as it prevents additional loss. Check out this video to learn more about the costs of emergency restoration.

In any case, the cost will be outweighed by the protection boarding up offers. Between the potential of becoming liable for damages in the eyes of your insurer and the further damage to your home and possessions that could occur, you are far better safe than sorry when it comes to securing your home.

If you have recently experienced a fire, natural disaster, or any other event that has left your home unsecured and vulnerable to trespassers and the elements, Abbotts is here to help. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency board up services, and would be happy to help you secure your home.

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