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upload_10_8_2015_at_4_47_34_PMDrain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a common procedure that many restoration companies offer as a part of their services to both residential and commercial clients. It is also a procedure that needs to be done properly to ensure that pipes are not damaged or backed up further than they already are. Common causes of a pipe backup are mud or sand, soap scum, hair, food waste, hygiene products, grease, and sewage.

The first step to successfully unclog a drain when using a drain hydrojet is to clear a path with a coil or snake for the high-pressure water hose to enter the clogged area. Then, the hydrojet is run down through the line and sprays hot, steamy water at an extremely high pressure (4800psi) to break up the material that is obstructing the pipe, pushing the debris out into a larger sewer pipe.

The benefit to using a hydrojet to clear a blocked plumbing pipe is that with such high temperatures and pressure, as well as a front-and-back stream of water ensures ALL of the material- pliable or not- can be expelled from your pipes and get things flowing normally again.

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