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Meth Lab Cleanup Poses Unique Challenges for Housing Authorities, Landlords

Housing authorities and landlords can recover meth lab cleanup costs through government programs.

A Big, Hazardous, Expensive Headache

Unfortunately, we see it in the headlines too often: Secret meth lab busted. What we don’t see is what’s left after the headlines, the nasty, toxic, dangerous mess left behind by the production of the deadly drug, methamphetamine. If you’re the property manager or owner, it’s up to you to get that mess cleaned up safely and thoroughly so that other residents and future tenants are safe. Making matters worse, meth production produces toxic chemical waste and noxious, volatile vapors, so meth lab cleanup is often regulated by state and even federal agencies, such as the Colorado Department of Health and Environment or the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

But There’s Help Available

Fortunately, there are government programs aimed at supporting compliance with regulations that protect people and the environment from meth lab toxic waste.

The EPA’s Brownfields or “MethFields” initiative even offers grants to help offset the costs of safely cleaning up meth labs and disposing of the hazardous waste (see link below). But you have to comply with strict regulations to qualify for the grants.

That’s the point. Do it right, protect people and the environment from the hazards and toxic waste produced by meth labs, and you can get help with the cleanup costs.

Laws and Regulations

Abbotts knows and complies with all state and local laws and regulations related to methamphetamine laboratory cleanup and mitigation. Our knowledge of the strict rules designed to protect people and property from toxic meth lab contamination enables housing authorities and property owners to recover cleanup costs by qualifying for government help.

Get Meth Lab Cleanup Facts, Then Get a Professional

Abbotts professionals are trained, certified and experienced at safely and thoroughly removing the dangerous by-products and safety hazards left by methamphetamine production.

We’ve helped housing authorities and landlords across the Denver area safely and legally clean up meth labs, restore properties and protect the health and safety of residents. We can help you. Call us anytime, day or night.

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