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The Dangers of Meth Labs in Your Home

meth labAlthough unfortunate, meth labs have been a growing problem throughout Colorado in recent years. In some cases, tenants have rented out homes to manufacture illegal drugs. In others, squatters have discovered unoccupied houses and have used them for nefarious purposes before abandoning the properties. Regardless of whether meth was manufactured inside of a home only one time or over the course of many months, conditions are still extremely dangerous. If you believe that your rental property was recently used as a meth lab or are suspicious that a newly purchased home may have been used to produce meth, it is imperative that you take action immediately.

The Dangers of Meth Labs

Once a home has been exposed to meth, the molecules of the substance will stick to all surfaces such as walls and floors. The contaminants can even penetrate through to the building’s insulation. Consider the fact that the materials used to manufacture meth are all quite dangerous on their own. Substances like ether, paint thinners, acids, anhydrous ammonia, solvents, phosphorous, and many others may be present. When combined together, these products can create significant health hazards. After being exposed to these contaminants, both children and adults may experience breathing problems, respiratory irritation, irritation of the skin or eyes, headaches, nausea, dizziness, burning sensations, or even lung damage. Exposure to these types of contaminants can come from contact with surfaces that have been exposed to meth byproducts, contaminated dust that has settled onto furniture or eating and drinking materials, furnace or air filters that have been contaminated, carpets and upholstery, etc.

Confirming the Presence of Meth in Your Home

In some instances, it’s obvious when a home has been used to manufacture meth. Strong odors – including scents like paint thinner, ether, or even a cat urine-like smell could be a sign of meth production. If there’s any doubt about whether or not a home was used as a meth lab, it’s smart to buy a test kit. These kits are able to detect meth residue and will tell you if dangerous conditions exist inside of your home. If you do find evidence of meth in your home, you must immediately begin thinking about the steps necessary to make it safe again. This is not a time to hesitate before taking action!

Safely Restoring a Home After Meth

Yes, we just said it and we’re already going to say it again — as soon as you are aware that meth polluted your home, you will need to take steps to restore your home to safety as quickly as possible. This means that you and your children will need to stay out of the house until it has been deemed safe. Although some homeowners may think they can handle the process of rehabilitating a meth house on their own, this is a huge mistake. The cleaning and restoration process often means prolonged exposure to meth-related contaminants. Only those who have been professionally trained to treat these types of homes safely should ever attempt to clean up meth contamination. In addition to the dangers associated with exposure to these substances, it’s also important to remember that meth byproducts are able to contaminate many areas of the home that may be difficult for you to detect or access on your own. Working with professional contractors and restoration companies that are experienced in detecting and safely removing these contaminants will ensure that the job gets done correctly the first time.
Do you believe that your home may have been used for the production of meth or the manufacture of other illegal drugs? The Abbotts Fire & Flood restoration team has the knowledge and skills required to restore your home to safe and sanitary living conditions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate today.
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