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Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation Clean Up Tips

States like Colorado that have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use have experienced unforeseen problems with illegal grow operations. In particular, concealed grow operations in apartments have increased.

The concealed, enclosed and poorly ventilated operations can concentrate fumes from pesticides and other chemicals. But one of the biggest problems is potentially toxic levels of mold spores resulting from warm, humid conditions that are good for growing.

Law enforcement officers involved in shutting down illegal grow operations have reported respiratory problems often associated with toxic levels of mold spores. Some officers have even been hospitalized. In some cases, officers are now wearing respirators when entering concealed grow operations to protect themselves from chemical and mold hazards, treating such situations like toxic releases.

If you’re the owner of a property that is used for an illegal marijuana grow operation, cleaning up after the cops and crooks vacate the scene can be daunting. Porous substrate and building materials absorb chemicals and mold spores, becoming more and more saturated over time. Those contaminants cause strong odors, in the same way that clothing exposed to cigarette smoke reeks of nicotine. So cleaning up after an illegal grow operation can be difficult hazardous, much like cleaning up a methamphetamine lab or other crime scene.

Risks associated with concealed marijuana growing operations include:

·         Damaging moisture

·         Toxic levels of mold spores

·         Improper electrical installation

·         Toxic chemical contamination

·         Biological contamination

·         Persistent noxious odor

The hazards and expense of cleaning up after concealed marijuana grow operations is prompting landlords to add marijuana addendums to leases, imposing stiff penalties for tenants whose marijuana growing activities damage property. But penalties don’t clean up the hazardous mess.

Fortunately, there are experts who know how to clean up hazardous chemicals and biological contaminants. If tenants have used your rental property for a marijuana growing operation, and it smells like skunks have taken up residence, call Abbotts. We’ll eradicate every last trace of the operation quickly and safely.

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