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At times like this, you need someone like us.

We help you navigate the chaos and complexity of disaster restoration

Get help now, call:

(303) 975-4000

At times like this, you need someone like us.

We help you navigate the chaos and complexity of disaster restoration

Get help now, call:

(303) 975-4000


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Fire Damage Overview

Fire is scary and extremely destructive to property. Fire damage, smoke damage and water damage from fire-fighting efforts can worsen quickly. Effects on your life can linger long after the flames are extinguished. The sooner you get fire and smoke damage cleaned up and repaired, the better for you, your property and your wallet.

In many cases, potentially toxic smoke is the most dangerous part of a structure fire. It is that smoke – trapped and concentrated in the burning structure – that can saturate even parts of the structure that didn’t burn and contaminate every article of clothing, every piece of furniture, every child’s stuffed toy with potentially allergenic or toxic smoke particles. The smoke particles are microscopic, so they are hard to remove, requiring specialized techniques and equipment.

Our fire restoration experts know how to work with insurance adjusters to help them quickly and accurately assess and document your damage. In turn, this helps us get started on your cleanup and repairs quickly.

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Restoration Services

  • 24 / 7 Emergency Response

  • Boardup & Securing

  • Water Extraction & Drying

  • Demo & Salvage

  • Content Moving & Storage

  • Cleanup

  • Odor Control

  • Claims Management

  • Reconstruction

  • Lifetime Smoke Odor Warranty


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What to Expect: Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Process

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24 / 7 Emergency Response

We respond within 60 minutes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. The first thing you must do is protect the rest of your property from further loss.

Committed to customer satisfaction above all else, Abbotts trained crews are poised for fast response from a central Denver location. A comprehensive fleet of emergency response vehicles and a vast array of equipment ensures that we can respond, assess, plan and deploy resources to mitigate your loss, protect your property and ensure your safety.

BoardUp & Securing

During a fire, it is common for windows and doors – sometimes even walls – to be destroyed. The foundation holding up the property structure could be weak and crumbling after having been damaged by the fire. This can leave you vulnerable to additional loss from injury, weather or theft. From temporary power to shoring up your structure; from plywood board up of windows to roof tarps; from winterization to security fencing around the entire property, you can rest assured that Abbotts will keep your property safe and secure.

Temporary Housing Assistance

Too often a fire means being displaced from your home. As specialists in fire damage restoration, we understand what you are going through – and how overwhelming and disorienting it can be just to figure out where you are going to shower or sleep. If it is unsafe to remain in your property, Abbotts will assist you in obtaining temporary housing assistance so you can take a breath and get your bearings.

Boardup & Securing
Demo, Salvage & Cleanup

Demo, Salvage & Cleanup

Most fires include damage to contents as well as the structure whether from fire, smoke or the water used to extinguish the flames. Cleaning up after fire damage is a long and tedious process. Furnishings, belongings, walls, ceilings, floors and even air ducts are inventoried and meticulously assessed for fire, smoke and water damage. Salvageable structure and contents are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized. Structure and contents determined to be a total loss are removed along with other trash and debris. Detailed records are maintained for insurance documentation.

Abbotts restoration professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and the proper equipment to restore your property to a pre-loss condition a fire.

Odor Control

Fire and smoke damage can be very complex and may include more than what you can see. The type of smoke will greatly impact the restoration process. Smoke flows through plumbing systems, using holes around pipes to go from floor to floor. Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure. Even a small fire can cause serious damage to your property.

Damage can actually be worsened if restoration is not handled correctly. Smoke molecules can remain in the pores of materials and continue to release smoke odor and contaminants for years. These odors can easily spread onto clothes, furniture, carpets, and to other parts of the house, especially on a warm day when the high temperatures reopen smoke-filled pores. Proper deodorizing can spell the difference between big savings and spending thousands of dollars cleaning everything again.

Our restoration professionals have detailed construction knowledge as well as expertise in smoke removal, odor eradication, soot and ash elimination, stain removal, toxicity removal and restoring balance to the environment. Abbotts stands behind their work by providing a lifetime warranty against smoke smell and odor recurrence.

Odor Control

Claims Management

We understand how frustrating it can be to navigate the complexities of property restoration. Most property owners only have to experience this once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, this puts you at a disadvantage when dealing with the insurance company. As experts in damage restoration we know all the little things that can easily be missed or overlooked – and they can really add up! Fortunately, we can help even the playing field for you. We manage your claim and negotiate for you. Our extensive experience working with insurance companies on behalf of property owners ensures that you get the most out of your insurance policy.

Damage not covered by insurance? Ask about our Relief Discount. 303-975-4000.


The final phase is to get the damaged areas put back together as quickly as possible. From carpet replacement to drywall and painting, from hardwood floor restoration to furniture restoration, our team of professionals does it all. We work with closely with you and your insurance company to get you back to normal as quickly as possible. Finally, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We stand behind our work with a one year warranty. 1 year warranty


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We restore more than 1200 properties each year ranging from one room to large commercial buildings and apartments. Certified staff, a comprehensive fleet of emergency response vehicles and a vast array of equipment ensures that we can respond, assess, plan and deploy resources to mitigate loss, protect property and ensure safety. We’ll be there when you need us!

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Disaster impacts more than property and possessions. It's emotional, too. We understand what you are going through. We assist with practical matters of mitigation and repair as well as coordinating with insurance adjusters. We get you back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible. Helping people and property recover: it's not just a job. It's our mission!