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The Dangers of Formaldehyde and What You Can Do


The Dangers of Formaldehyde and What You Can Do If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you may have seen or read about a recent story regarding the discovery of formaldehyde lurking inside of a Colorado home. Just months after moving into a new home, one family learned that the I-joists in their basement…

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Got a Grow House Problem? Here’s the Solution!

Marijuana Restoration

Do You Have A Grow House Problem? We Have the Solution! Now, more than ever, Denver landlords and new homeowners are being faced with problems with marijuana grow houses. If you own property where a previous tenant or owner has been growing marijuana inside the home, you may be wondering what in the world you’ve…

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What You Need to Know About Asbestos Before Purchasing a Home

asbestos removal services denver

What You Need to Know About Asbestos Before Purchasing a Home Buying a home is a huge decision. In order to feel fully safe and secure in your investment, you need to take certain steps to ensure that you’re purchasing a place that’s in good condition. While many buyers are on the lookout for obvious…

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What Is Hoarding and How Can It Lead to a Biohazard?

Hoarding Cleanup

What Is Hoarding and How Can It Lead to a Biohazard? Is there a pack rat in your life? While some people are sentimental and seem to hold onto a lot of stuff, there’s a fine line between “collecting” items and hoarding. Hoarding is more than just a nuisance – it’s a biohazard. What is…

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What to Look for in a Biohazard Cleanup Company

biohazard Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

What to Look for in a Biohazard Cleanup Company You’re pretty good at cleaning out a messy garage, tackling your child’s untidy playroom, and even conquering a dirty bathroom, but what about hazardous materials? Biohazardous substances and chemicals must be treated with care and precision, and not just anyone is qualified to handle the cleaning…

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Sewage backup in basement in Highlands Ranch, CO

Sewage Backup Do’s and Don’ts Sewage backup tops the list ‘Homeowner Horrors’.  The smell is just the beginning – a disgusting reminder of the bacteria, viruses, parasites and hazardous waste that has invaded your home. Even in small amounts, sewage can pose health hazards. If not quickly cleaned and sanitized, these hazards can spread to…

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The Facts About Asbestos

denver asbestos removal

The Facts About Asbestos Asbestos fiber is made from naturally occurring silicate crystals. Its fire resistance and good insulating properties made it a popular building material until late in the 20th century when research pointed to it causing serious health problems.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Qualifications

crime scene caution tape

Crime Scene Cleanup Qualifications Scenes of trauma present unique challenges and are subject to numerous stringent regulations and standards. The unfortunate fact is that trauma scenes often result in biological contamination and must be treated as such. In order to safely and thoroughly restore a trauma scene, a company needs to be appropriately licensed and…

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Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation Clean Up Tips

Marijuana Restoration

States like Colorado that have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use have experienced unforeseen problems with illegal grow operations. In particular, concealed grow operations in apartments have increased. The concealed, enclosed and poorly ventilated operations can concentrate fumes from pesticides and other chemicals. But one of the biggest problems is potentially toxic levels of mold…

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10 Tips for Clean Carpets

10 Tips for Clean Carpets Carpet fibers are virtually magnetic, grabbing dust and contaminants literally from thin air, on top of whatever people drag in. When they become saturated, simply walking on them throws all sorts of nasty contaminants back into the air for you, your family or your employees to breathe in. Add moisture…

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