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Damage from Monsoon Season


What Types of Flood Damage Can Occur from Monsoon Season? When you hear the words “monsoon season,” locations like India and Sri Lanka come to mind. But did you know that Colorado has its own monsoon season? The state experiences an annual deluge of afternoon thunderstorms during the months of July, August and September, which…

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Damaged Belongings: Repair or Replace?

cleaning furniture

When to Restore vs. Replace Belongings After a fire or flood, you will have to make a lot of decisions about your property and possessions very quickly. Time is of the essence, as damage from both water and smoke/ash gets worse very quickly, so you will need to be prepared to decide whether to opt…

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5 Best Practices After a Monsoon


5 Best Practices After a Monsoon If you find yourself dreading monsoon season, you can take solace in knowing that you are absolutely not alone. Every year, families work together to ensure the safety and security of their household. Monsoon Safety Awareness Week is out this website for monsoon facts and insurance tips Preparing for…

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Your Dog Needs a Bug Out Bag, Too!

Dog Bug Out Bag

Your Dog Needs a “Bug Out” Bag, Too! Pets of all shapes and sizes bring love and joy to millions of households across the great state of Colorado and beyond. For most people, they are an essential part of the family that can never be replace. This is a big reason why their safety should…

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An Evacuation Plan During Severe Weather Can Save Your Family

call the storm damage experts at Abbotts

An Evacuation Plan During Severe Weather Can Save Your Family As severe weather kicks up across the great state of Colorado and throughout many other parts of the United States, the well-being of your loved ones increasingly becomes a concern. We want the same thing you do – to ensure that everyone remains safe even in…

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Staying Safe During a Monsoon

monsoon season

How Your Home and Family Can Stay Safe During a Monsoon As you’ve probably learned from either your own personal experience or by reading our blog, water damage can have devastating consequences in your home. The problem is that many homeowners and renters don’t understand where various types of damage can come from or are…

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New Year Flood Safety Tips

woman calling for help

Start Off the New Year with These Flood Safety Tips January is the time when many of us think about creating new years resolutions. While these are often health related (diet and exercise), the new year is a good time to think about resolutions for your home, too. In this blog, we will provide you…

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Are You Prepared for the Season of Frozen Pipes?

frozen pipes

Are You Prepared for Frozen Pipes? Record-breaking lows have been sweeping through the nation and that can only mean one thing: winter is coming. Coloradans should brace themselves for freezing conditions in the coming months. Beyond stocking up on firewood and new winter flannels, though, home and business owners should also be preparing their properties…

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Holiday Guests Could Cause Water Damage If You’re Not Careful

holiday guests

Holiday Guests Could Cause Water Damage If You’re Not Careful This Year The holiday season is about coming together with family and friends. For many people, this means hosting family celebrations and get-togethers inside of their homes. While this is an opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones, however, having guests over during the holidays…

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