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Post-Fire Water Damage

denver smoke damage repair

Water Damage After a Fire The aftermath of a fire can be devastating. Even if you were lucky enough not to lose your home completely in the fire, the cleanup process is extensive. Cleanup must be thorough in order to avoid lingering toxins from soot and smoke damage, and to ensure your home is safe…

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Lead Contamination & Structure Fires

Damaged kitchen after a fire Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

Keeping Your Home Safe From Lead Contamination After a Structure Fire If you have recently been the victim of a house fire, you know that the cleanup process can be a mess. On top of the water from fire hoses, chemicals from fire extinguishers, debris, ash, and soot, there are many particles that can’t even…

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Colorado Fire Season

Wildfire burning through a forest

Record-Breaking Temperatures May Mean a Longer Fire Season in Colorado In the past, Colorado’s fire season was April through July. More recently, the fire season has stretched to November, and sometimes beyond that. The intensity of a fire season is dependent upon various factors. Colorado’s 2018 fire season was especially active, due to an extended…

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Kitchen Fire Damage from Common Cooking Incidents

fire on stovetop

Common Cooking Accidents that Cause Fire Damage You likely know that being careful in the kitchen is pretty important. From hot pans to boiling water to sharp knives, there are few places in most homes with as much potential danger as the kitchen. But did you know that cooking accidents resulting in fires are the…

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House Fire Prevention Tips

Home Fire Damage

Top 5 house fire accidents and how to prevent them It might go down as every homeowner’s worse nightmare—coming home to find their house up in flames or waking up to a blaring smoke detector in the middle of the night. There are an estimated 400,000 house fires every year according to the National Fire…

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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Pasquini's Fire Damage Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

What to Do After You Experience Commercial Fire Damage After experiencing a commercial fire, you will likely feel overwhelmed and not know what steps to take, or in what order. Fires can cause catastrophic damage and be very traumatizing, and it is understandable to feel out of control after the fire occurs. Unfortunately, it is…

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Homeowner’s Insurance: Fire Damage Coverage

Insurance coverage paperwork

What To Know About Fire Insurance Coverage In the US, there are over one million fires reported yearly. The National Fire Protection Association’s 2017 report estimates a home fire occurs every 88 seconds. Without insurance, homeowners would be left on their own to pay for the billions of dollars in property damage. Fortunately, a majority…

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Summer BBQ Fire Damage Repair

Grill safety tips Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

Repairing Home Damage after a Summer BBQ Fire With summer in full swing in Denver, many homeowners find themselves outside grilling, sometimes multiple times per week. While this is a great summertime activity and a nice way to get your family outside, grilling can result in fires if you’re not careful. Here, we discuss how…

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Smoke Odor Removal


Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire You’ve finally gotten your home back together after a house fire, but something is lingering — the odor of smoke. Whether you suffered a major fire or a small kitchen fire, smoke particles spread throughout your home and get absorbed into porous materials. Even after you think everything has…

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Extinguishing an Electrical Fire

electrical cords

How to Put Out an Electrical Fire When a fire breaks out in your home, the natural first reaction is often to panic. You may freeze in your tracks, find yourself completely blanking on what you should do, or worse, spring into action and make a snap decision without the proper knowledge, actually making the…

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