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furniture damaged by water

Can you save your furniture after water damage? You or someone you know will inevitably experience water damage at home each spring. The spring melt can be just as unkind on a house as the winter cold and houses, and what’s inside them, too often pay the price. A flooded basement, for example, can not…

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insurance restoration

What makes a great Denver Restoration Company? After a fire, flood, or other emergency in your home or business, you want and need to get help as quickly as possible. However, it can be overwhelming deciding which professional restoration provider in Denver to choose. You may feel pulled in many directions, with your insurance company…

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severe storm

What to Do After a Major Storm A major storm can wreak havoc on your home or business. Whether you have been hit by flooding, a tornado, a hurricane, wind or hail damage, or some combination thereof, it is essential to know the steps to take after a storm. Safety First The most important thing…

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Pasquini's Fire Damage Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

What to Do After You Experience Commercial Fire Damage After experiencing a commercial fire, you will likely feel overwhelmed and not know what steps to take, or in what order. Fires can cause catastrophic damage and be very traumatizing, and it is understandable to feel out of control after the fire occurs. Unfortunately, it is…

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home water damage

What are the Categories of Water Damage? If you’re familiar with the disastrous impacts of water damage, you know that any water damage can be catastrophic, given the right combination of time, temperature, environment, and the lack of treatment. But did you know that the initial condition of the water also dictates the severity of…

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cleaning furniture

What happens to my Furniture during Restoration? If you’ve recently experienced a fire or flood, you likely ended up with some furniture that you wanted to keep, but that had water, fire, or smoke damage, and needed to be restored by a professional restoration company. Professional property repair and restoration cleaning services can work what…

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ceiling water damage

What is Ceiling Water Damage? Maybe a major rainstorm just hit and you find yourself collecting water in a pan as it drips from the ceiling. Or perhaps you’ve just noticed some discoloration on your ceiling and you’re worried about what lies behind the plaster. If you have ceiling water damage, it is something that…

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Keep Emergency Home Repairs from Wrecking Your Finances Ever notice how issues with your home seem to spring up at the worst moments, such as busted pipe before out-of-town guests arrive or an A/C outage right in the middle of the hottest week of the year? These sudden home repairs can cause you a lot…

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prevent pipes from freezing

Pipes Freezing in Winter: Why they Freeze, How to Prevent it, and What to Do if they Burst No one wants to deal with a burst pipe. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) estimates that burst pipes can cause in excess of $5,000 in water damage, and that says nothing of the…

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Protecting your Sprinklers during Winter Preparing your home for winter is an essential step to take annually in order to avoid costly repairs, and it’s important not to forget the things that need winterized beyond the walls of your home. Sprinkler winterization is key to making sure you don’t end up with a soggy mess…

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