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House Fire Prevention Tips

Home Fire Damage

Top 5 house fire accidents and how to prevent them It might go down as every homeowner’s worse nightmare—coming home to find their house up in flames or waking up to a blaring smoke detector in the middle of the night. There are an estimated 400,000 house fires every year according to the National Fire…

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Homeowner’s Insurance: Fire Damage Coverage

Insurance coverage paperwork

What To Know About Fire Insurance Coverage In the US, there are over one million fires reported yearly. The National Fire Protection Association’s 2017 report estimates a home fire occurs every 88 seconds. Without insurance, homeowners would be left on their own to pay for the billions of dollars in property damage. Fortunately, a majority…

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Ceiling Water Damage Fixes

ceiling water damage

How to fix water damage to your ceiling Water damage to the ceiling is a problem you don’t want to put off or ignore. Whether the water is coming from an outdoor or indoor source, letting that water continue to pool could lead to mold growth and structural instability, potentially culminating in a ceiling collapse.…

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Factors in roof age

roof tiles

How Long Do Roofs Last? The roof of your home is easy to forget about. So long as it’s doing its job, it’s easy to take it for granted. It’s best to keep track of your roof’s age and condition, though, so that you can stay on top of repairs, and be ready when it’s…

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How to Identify Ceiling Water Damage

ceiling water damage

What is Ceiling Water Damage? Picture it… a major storm passes through and the rain comes down hard. Suddenly water is dripping from the ceiling. You scramble to find a pan or a pail or a bucket to collect the water as it drips from the ceiling. Or perhaps you notice some discoloration on your…

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Smoke Detector Safety Tips

smoke detector

When You Should Change Batteries in Your Smoke Detector The smoke detector is one of the most important tools we own. It keeps our families, pets, and home safe. We notice it when it’s chirping because of a low battery, or when it goes off because we went a little overboard in the kitchen, but…

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How to Protect Pipes From Freezing and What to Do If They Burst

prevent pipes from freezing

Pipes Freezing in Winter: Why they Freeze, How to Prevent it, and What to Do if they Burst No one wants to deal with a burst pipe. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) estimates that burst pipes can cause in excess of $5,000 in water damage, not to mention the destruction of…

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Your Winter Maintenance Checklist

winter maintenance checklist

Your Winter Maintenance Checklist Brrr! Winter is here, and boy is it cold! Record-breaking lows have been seen all throughout the country in recent weeks and that trend isn’t going to be changing anytime soon. So, what can you do to make sure that your home is warm, safe, and comfortable throughout the rest of…

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Melting Snow and Ice Means Water … and Odor

Moldy carpet being pulled up from the floor Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

Melting Snow and Ice Means Water … and Odor Most Coloradans know well enough the dangers of the rugged state’s seasonal changes. Winter brings snow and ice and the potential for frozen, broken pipes. Spring brings the thaw, which can turn to flooding when seasonal rains get heavy and join forces with the melting runoff.…

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