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Homeowner’s Insurance: Fire Damage Coverage

Insurance coverage paperwork

What To Know About Fire Insurance Coverage In the US, there are over one million fires reported yearly. The National Fire Protection Association’s 2017 report estimates a home fire occurs every 88 seconds. Without insurance, homeowners would be left on their own to pay for the billions of dollars in property damage. Fortunately, a majority…

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Actions to Take After a Hail Storm


What to Do if Your Home Experiences Hail Damage As Colorado residents, we are no strangers to hailstorms. In fact, Colorado has experienced more than $3 billion in insured damages over the last 10 years, and saw more reports of 3-inch hail in 2018 than it had in 20 years. With your chance of getting…

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Storm Damage Recovery

Storm damage to a house Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

How to Recover from Storm Damage this Summer As storms roll in this summer, you may find yourself confronted with damage to your home. Torrential rain, wind, and hail can all wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and windows, and compromise the integrity of your home. If you find yourself in this situation, it is…

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Apartment Water Damage Responsibility

apartment building

Apartment Water Damage – Who is Responsible? Living in an apartment can be a major blessing when property maintenance is needed. You don’t have to set aside money in case the water heater goes out or the roof needs repairs. But that doesn’t mean you can put aside worries about property issues entirely. One area…

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Freedom to Choose

Colorado Freedom of Choice Law

Colorado Insurance Freedom of Choice After a disaster occurs, you have a million things on your mind. You need to repair the damage, and fast. You’re busy talking to the insurance company and trying to get your home back to normal. The last thing you need is to end up with a restoration provider who…

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Recent Hurricanes Remind Us of the Importance of Flood Insurance


The Recent Hurricanes Remind Us how Importance of Flood Insurance Got flood insurance? If you’re like most Colorado homeowners, chances are that you probably don’t. In fact, the majority of American homeowners have never purchased a flood insurance policy and that puts them at serious risk in the event of a natural disaster.

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Flood Insurance: How It Differs from Regular Property Insurance


Flood Insurance: How It Differs from Regular Property Insurance As the world’s eyes continue to be on the clean-up efforts in Texas, we receive a daily reminder of what a devastating impact Mother Nature can have on our lives and our homes. While we may be safe from the threat of a hurricane or tropical…

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Quick Tips on Reducing Water Damage Claims

water damage

Quick Tips on Reducing Water Damage Claims   Water damage is a serious problem that can disrupt your life, create major stress, damage your valuables, and cost you a lot of money. Each year, thousands of Coloradans file water damage claims – and they aren’t cheap. Don’t become yet another victim of water damage. The…

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Will Your Homeowner’s Policy Cover Water Damage?

Rubber duck floating in a flooded home

Will Your Homeowner’s Policy Cover Water Damage? Water damages account for a large percentage of home insurance claims each year. Because water damage can come from a number of different sources, it gets classified in various ways and can fall under multiple areas of coverage. As an example, natural flooding is classified as being entirely…

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