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Damaged kitchen after a fire Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

Keeping Your Home Safe From Lead Contamination After a Structure Fire If you have recently been the victim of a house fire, you know that the cleanup process can be a mess. On top of the water from fire hoses, chemicals from fire extinguishers, debris, ash, and soot, there are many particles that can’t even…

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Fire and smoke damage after firefighting Abbotts Cleanup and Restoration Colorado

Dangers of Toxic Smoke in Fire Damage If you’ve recently suffered from a fire in your home, you are well aware of what a mess it is to clean up. You aren’t just looking at damage the fire caused to the structure and your possessions. You’re also looking at water damage from the water used…

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Wildfire burning through a forest

Record-Breaking Temperatures May Mean a Longer Fire Season in Colorado In the past, Colorado’s fire season was April through July. More recently, the fire season has stretched to November, and sometimes beyond that. The intensity of a fire season is dependent upon various factors. Colorado’s 2018 fire season was especially active, due to an extended…

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insurance restoration

What makes a great Denver Restoration Company? After a fire, flood, or other emergency in your home or business, you want and need to get help as quickly as possible. However, it can be overwhelming deciding which professional restoration provider in Denver to choose. You may feel pulled in many directions, with your insurance company…

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cleaning furniture

What happens to my Furniture during Restoration? If you’ve recently experienced a fire or flood, you likely ended up with some furniture that you wanted to keep, but that had water, fire, or smoke damage, and needed to be restored by a professional restoration company. Professional property repair and restoration cleaning services can work what…

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The Dangers of Exposure to Toxic Smoke The responsibilities of a repair and restoration company are far-reaching, but there are few as important as the removal of biohazardous materials.  When toxic chemicals haven’t been properly removed from either a residential home or commercial property, people breathing in these dangerous substances can succumb to a variety of…

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fire damage risks

Fire Damage Risks That You Might Not Think Of Fire and smoke damage sustained in a home is, to a certain degree, a standard sort of affair. Depending on the type of structure involved and the materials contained therein, repair and restoration experts know what to expect going in. After a short time of working…

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grease fire

There’s No Such Thing as a Romantic Grease Fire You may have a burning love this week thanks to Valentine’s Day, but what you don’t want is a burning kitchen! While many couples will be venturing out to celebrate the holiday at a fancy restaurant, it’s becoming more common for lovebirds to stay at home…

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house fire with smoke

Your Fire Damage Has Been Fixed… But What About Smoke Odors? Living through the experience of a house fire is extremely stressful. Once everyone has been declared safe and the fire department has allowed you to re-enter your home, you may feel like you’re in the clear. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Even…

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smoke damage

Know These 3 Important Facts About Smoke Damage A house fire is terrifying. After evacuating the home and calling the fire department, you and your loved ones are forced to wait outside as the rescue team fights to extinguish the flames and save your home from burning down. Once the firefighters are able to put…

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